This is Crowd Source. The future of standup comedy. Please download the app from the iTune's App Store or the Google Play Store

Everyone grab your smart phones! This groundbreaking show lets you take the wheel with the Crowd Source app. With it the audience can submit pictures they want to see on the show up to one hour before start time. During the show you will be able to vote on the pictures that you submitted and each comedian will perform a live, improvised stand up comedy set. Come watch the show in person at the The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC or live stream it here on our website! Download the app, submit some pics, play along, and don't miss the next Crowd Sourced!

Who is Forrest Haigh?

He is the amazing creator/producer of CrowdSource. He is also a comedian in NYC and preforms around the country. Forrest also produces sketch comedy and acts. Please go to his webpage for booking info. Straight up he is a genius and never let anyone say otherwise. At least that's how MLK put it.

Future Events

  • 16June

    The PIT
    7:00pm. I don't say this to everyone. You're beautiful. Come to the best improvised stand up comedy show in the world. We'll compliment you and sing your name. Joins or play from home.
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